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 The prior 2 day seminar was at Sterling Virginia on October 2 and 3rd, 2015. Future seminars will be posted once they are scheduled.

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The OD/MD Consulting Group
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Building Your Own Medical Optometry Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the two-day lecture designed to do?
The two days of lecture offered by The OD/MD Consulting Group, LLC are designed to help the optometrist who desires to build his/her own exclusively medical optometric practice. This course is mandatory for those optometrists wishing to enter into a consulting agreement with The OD/MD Consulting Group, LLC.

In order to garnish referrals from other optometrists, the key to the success of your medical optometric practice, a Medical Optometry Practice, is that it has to be a medical practice only. i.e. not offering routine eye exams or selling glasses or contact lenses. This is what other successful Medical Optometry Practices have done, and it works. Dr. Sedgewick understands that giving up glasses sales and routine eye exams is a big step and commitment. That is what we are here to help you do.

What will be discussed during the lecture?
During the lecture series, Dr. Sedgewick will review the current medical knowledge for the 18 or so most common diseases the optometrist will likely confront, with an emphasis on glaucoma. He will use the Will’s Eye Manual and the Preferred Practice Pattern Guidelines as set forth by the AAO as the main reference sources. He will also pepper the lecture with examples taken from his own patients.

Do I have to sign a consulting contract with you to attend the lecture?
Not at all. The material is designed for the optometrist who desires to build his/her own Medical Optometry Practice, but there are no requirements to sign with The OD/MD Consulting Group for a consulting relationship in order to attend the lectures. We hope that optometrists who want to build their own Medical Optometry Practices will attend the lecture and be motivated to approach Dr. Sedgewick about formalizing a consulting relationship. The OD/MD Consulting Group will be selective in signing a consulting contract with optometrists for your exclusive territory, but there is no requirement to do so.

Are the 14 CME hours approved by the Florida Optometric Association and by COPE?
Absolutely. The COPE course ID # is 42160-SD, and the event ID # is 109507. The Florida Optometric Association and CE Broker have approved this event for 14 hours of CME as well. All states that accept CE Broker credentialing have approved this course for their state as well.

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